Declaration of BNR Rada, 31 December 1947

Declaration adopted at the Session of the BNR Rada in Osterhofen (Germany), December 1947.

At this Session, the BNR Rada has announced the resumption of its work after a four-year break due to World War II and the death of the previous President, Vasil Zacharka, whose powers were temporarily taken over by Mikola Abramčyk. Representatives of the numerous new wave of exiles from Belarus have joined the BNR Rada.


Adopted on 31 December1947

The Rada of the Belarusian Democratic Republic, having gathered for a meeting on the historic day of the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian Democratic Republic by the First All-Belarusian Congress in Minsk, solemnly declares that it continuously:

  1. Seeks to exercise of the will of the Belarusian people for an independent statehood, expressed by the First All-Belarusian Congress and in the Act of 25 March;
  2. Does not recognize and never will recognize the BSSR as a form of Belarusian independent statehood, considering it a Russian-communist fiction of the Belarusian statehood, introduced by Moscow as a means of enslavement of the Belarusian people, of its national, material and even physical destruction;
  3. Does not recognize, and never will recognize as binding to the Belarusian people, any conditions and obligations signed on behalf of the Belarusian people by the governments of the USSR, Poland, and the so-called government of the BSSR – a Russian occupation administration in Belarus;
  4. Having a mandate from the First All-Belarusian Congress, remains the sole and highest representative of the state will of the Belarusian people, which has authorized the BNR government to act on its behalf;
  5. Expresses confidence and remains loyal to the President of the Belarusian Democratic Republic, Eng. M. Abramčyk – the highest representative of the sovereign rights of the Belarusian people;
  6. Seeks solidarity and cooperation with all the peoples enslaved and threatened by Russian Communism, who recognize the sovereign rights of the Belarusian people within its ethnographic borders.

The Rada believes that at the moment its main duty is the full consolidation of all Belarusian national forces, and mobilization to fight for the final liberation of the Belarusian people from Russian captivity, and the restoration of the Belarusian People’s Democratic Republic.

Rada of the Belarusian People’s Republic (BNR Rada)

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