Presidium of the Rada BNR

Ivonka Survilla

In 1959-1965 Ms Survilla worked for the Belasrusian Service of the Spanish National Radio and taught French at the French Institute in Madrid.

Since 1969 she occupied various positions at the Translations Bureau of the Federal Government of Canada.

In 1989 Ms Survilla established the Search ResultsWeb resultsCanadian Relief Fund for Chernobyl Victims in Belarus.


Siarhiej Navumčyk (Siarhei Navumchyk)
First Deputy President

In 1990-1995 – Member of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus, coordinator of the parliamentary opposition of the Belarusian Popular Front. Co-author of the Declaration of State Souvereignty of the Republic of Belarus adopted in 1990.

Journalist, author of several books about the history of the modern Belarusian statehood in the early 1990s.

Member of Rada BNR since 1997.

Viačka Stankievič (Walter Stankevich)
Deputy President

In 1990-1998 Director of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Belarusian Service. Later, till 2013, publisher of the quarterly Belarusian Review.

Governing board member of the Belarusian American Association in 1969-1971 and 2007-2011.

In 2009-2019 – Chairman, Belarusian Kreceuski Foundation.

Mikałaj Pačkajeŭ
Deputy President

Chairman of the Association of Belarusians in Great Britain since 2013; before that Deputy Chair from 2004 to 2013.

Activist of the Belarusian Popular Front since 1989, founding member of the Young Front. Formerly also member of the International Commission of the Belarusian Popular Front, member of the delegation of the BPF at consultations and negotiations with the authorities under mediation of the OSCE, representative of Partyja BNF (the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front) in verious countries.

Member of the Rada BNR since 2005.

Before 2016 – Information Secretary of Rada BNR.

Since 2016 – Deputy President of the Rada BNR responsible for international relations.

Palina Prysmakova

Valer Dvornik

Aleś Čajčyc
Information Secretary

Ała Kuźmickaja
Protocol Secretary

Ała Orsa-Romano
Education Secretary

Valancina Tryhubovič

Viačasłaŭ Bortnik

Aleś Kot

Siarhiej Piatkievič

Alaksandar Starykievič

Hanna Surmač

Pavał Šaŭcoŭ