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On 3 June 1988, the newspaper Litaratura i mastactva published the article written by Zianon Paźniak titled Kurapaty, the road of death (Курапаты – дарога смерці).

For the first time, the article told the story of mass shootings by Soviet secret police in the forest of Kurapaty near Minsk.

The article ignited mass interest towards the topic of Communist terror in the Belarusian society. It became a starting point for the awakening of the Belarusian society in the late 1980s – very soon, the people demanded democratic reforms and, eventually, the restoration of the independence of Belarus from the Soviet Union.

In October that year, the Belarusian Popular Front was established – the movement that became the key driving force of the restoration of Belarusian independence in 1991.

Below an English translation of the article.


The Belarusian Popular Front in 1988—1996: photo and video

The Belarusian Popular Front (Беларускі Народны Фронт) was a nationwide Belarusian democratic movement in the late 1980s and 1990s in favour of the Belarusian national revival and the restoration of the independence of Belarus as a democratic European nation.

The Belarusian Popular Front organized mass demonstrations supporting democratic reforms, commemorating the victims of the Soviet repressions of the 1930s, criticizing the inhuman Soviet policies regarding Chernobyl, and protesting against the Soviet discrimination of the Belarusian language and culture. In other Soviet-occupied countries, the Popular Front cooperated with local democratic movements: Sąjūdis (Republic of Lithuania), the People’s Movement of Ukraine, the Popular Fronts of Latvia and Estonia.

The Belarusian Popular Front has been the key driving force behind the political changes in Belarus in 1990 and 1991.

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